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  • Is a city website? (this website) is privately owned and maintained by VisitNPR and not directly affiliated with any city governed organization. Which is why we can happily write Flippy Dippy Dapper Doo.
  • How does collect information for its listings? tries to be as accurate as possible when it comes to the information we provide. We collect and compare public information from search engines, social media, websites, as well as submitted material.
  • Can I submit my business to
    You can, but it's not guaranteed your business will be added. caters exclusively to out-of-towners, vacationers, visitors, tourists, sightseers... you get the idea. These guests of NPR typically don't need to know where to go for karate lessons or the best place to buy insurance downtown. So, we simply don't add these types of businesses to our site. However, if you feel your business does indeed cater to these visitants of New Port Richey, feel free to contact us with your submission. To contact, CLICK HERE
  • Can I have my business featured or put higher up on the listing?
    Yes. Please contact us to discuss advertising options and featured business opportunities. CLICK HERE
  • How can I change the info on my business' listing?
    Simply contact us and let us know what you'd like changed. We may also contact the business directly to verify the changes.
  • Can I submit an event?
    Yes. However, we only post events that are vacation focused. Events for corporate events, training seminars, trade shows or other business related activities will not be posted.
  • Are there any dog-friendly restaurants in downtown New Port Richey?
    Many of the restaurants in downtown New Port Richey offer outdoor seating that will allow leashed dogs to accompany their owners while dining. A few of these restaurants include: Backdraughts , Boulevard Beef & Ale, Bourbon on Main, Sip on Grand, Christina's Restaurant, Estuary, Fitzgerald's Irish Tavern, Herschel's Scratch Kitchen, Roses Bistro off Main and Sasha's on the Park.
  • Does New Port Richey have any breweries?
    New Port Richey currently has (4) breweries located in its downtown district. Cotee River Brewing Co. Dented Keg Ale Works Infusion Brewing Company Emerald Coast Brewing Co.
  • Are there any restaurants in New Port Richey overlooking the water?
    The Widow Fletcher's is a casual, lively restaurant and sports bar located at 4927 US-19, New Port Richey.
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