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8/17/24, 11:00 PM

SNOWBLIND: A Black Sabbath Tribute

Live Music

Snowblind are the ultimate tribute to the golden years of the godfathers of metal; Black Sabbath! Bringing the raw, electric energy of an early Sabbath concert to the stage, Snowblind are dedicated to transporting audiences back to the 70s to let them experience it for themselves. Hear all the hits and your favorite deep cuts; Paranoid, War Pigs, Children of the Grave, Iron Man, Into the Void, Hand of Doom, Sweet Leaf, Lord of This World, Snowblind, and more! It's a dark, foreboding, and devastatingly heavy sonic assault, and you'll be yearning for more!

Richey Suncoast Theatre

6237 Grand Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, USA

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